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The Importance of Incident Reports


In our organisation we are all pretty good at recording injuries when they occur (to staff and to clients), but incidents are a bit trickier. Sometimes people think an incident only means something has damaged property or caused injury. BUT incidents also include near misses, involve concerning behaviours or may involve medications, or may be about things that are reportable under law, or may be something that just really concerns you. (We have a whole list of types of incidents in our Incident and Injury Reporting Policy.) If you are unsure about whether to report something, speak to your Coordinator, or go ahead and write an Incident report anyway. You never know – it might help with making a change or it might help to track a pattern of behaviour. If writing is not so easy for you, talk to your Coordinator so they can help you.



Heading into the New Year, there will be more training rolling out, including…

  • Some required training modules (for which staff will be paid) and

  • Some training opportunities which are not required but might be of interest.

Most of the required training will involve short online training modules, which gives you flexibility to do your training at your own pace, instead of being given only one day and time to do it.


For any of our staff members who are involved in supporting clients to take medications, you will be required to complete the medical module offered by HealthCare Australia during the next few weeks. You will be contacted directly by your Coordinator shortly about this.